Don’t Tithe and Drive

As I was driving to work this morning, thinking about all the money I spent yesterday (I regret nothing), a startling thought hit me: I forgot to tithe. A large part of the reason for consistently tithing is that it is a great way to actively and intentionally put God first. The first ten percent of my income each week is given back to God as a way of acknowledging the importance of Him in my life. Not to say that it doesn’t count otherwise, but it does diminish the value of the gift.

Immediately after I realized my mistake, I thought, “That’s okay, I will do it as soon as I get to work.” Now that appears to be an admirable plan. Except it isn’t, because often when I receive a text message or email while driving, I check it and respond immediately. And before you freak out on me, no, I do not advocate texting and driving (or tithing and driving). But my own behavior in this case reveals much about my spiritual condition: I am much faster to respond to and more concerned about worldly things than giving God what belongs to him.

My church has an app on which you are able to give tithes, and that is why this concerned me so much. It crossed my mind that I could send my tithes right then, but I thought “That’s really dangerous, I had better wait until I’m not driving.” Why am I more willing to engage in a risky behavior (and using the phone while driving is risky behavior) for the world than I am for the kingdom of God? In my heart I said “God can wait, but my boyfriend, friends, and everyone else cannot.” 

It’s scary how much our automatic behaviors can reveal about our hearts.

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